The Urban Exchange Review


Oh I’m AlivE!!! WOW, thanks to the life-giver for making sure that I am still breathing and recovering from the soon to be known as the greatest event to take place in the Eastern Cape. Yes, The Urban Exchange (UE), a production by Makhi Concepts which takes place monthly at The Studio in Port Elizabeth. This was the second instalment and like you I can’t believe that a classic event was put within such a short space of time. It’s so influential that I am listening to a Locksmith album as I write this, I was introduced to this MC by Geel(in one of our chill sessions after the event) but let’s talk about the UE real quick.
First of all , the less said about Gino the better, this is the second PE OG to be booked for UE and pull a no-show, first it was Abantu and now Gino does a copy and paste, so I don’t want to say what I want to say as it would reduce the taste of this writing. Let me also not talk about the three selected young-ins that also didn’t pitch for the MC challenge, they all not worth it, let me focus on what happened.
The MC challenge was off the hook, My homeboy ZeeZee lost his flash and PE had to witness him accapela, I told Yahkeem that the devil is at work because ZeeZee would have had hell triggered on uMsindo tip, but it wasn’t to be. The Flow was represented by Mqeqeshi, one of the most prolific and confident young-ins to bless the Mic in PE and he did it for the heads but MIC showed em how kool he can be by winning the crowds most votes performing such a soothing tune titled ‘I’m kool’, Congrats son!
Main Line-up was opened by Qimrolo, The then Champ from the MC Challenge during the 1st UE instalment and oh-lord, I haven’t seen anyone with such hunger and thirst since I got full and quenched mine years back . Well done homeboy, Salute.
Nqontsonqa aka Jipsy The Big Dog went in after and it’s only fair that I let those who were there to tell you what happened for objective reasons and conflict of interest .
I am outchea wishing I was listening to AZI. My goodness, the brother brought flames to the stage with a set and tone that was epic and mind-blowing by the time he was on his last joint we were dead. Like literally, in figurative sense . Azi was my personal highlight because he has so much chills, you’d mistake him to be diagnosed with low self-steem issues until he holds the MIC. I seriously was not ready, great works Dlamini.
Now this Brother Golden Shovel started his set with what we can call a dedication to hip-hop, vibing the hits from the elites and as he bumped these joints we was up and down from every Geel scratch, and that interlude prayer which got us laughing before the Optical illusion classic from Definitive, Hook em up. This was too lit.
I really don’t want to dwell on how the crowd went in through the whole set but I am sure now thing he doesn’t regret was offering a MIC to the crowd to back him up and yes I was the one to grab it first before I dropped and then “Pure service” was next. Are you kidding me? My favourate Goelden jam and I don’t have a mic yet I know the joint word to word? I let M.I.C and M2K try rap it only to realise that they don’t know the tune and I popped-in and jammed with my favourate MC while he was doing my favourite joint from him and you think I am not HAPPY? Mxiiim. What happened after is a story for another day
For now though, shout-out to the team, the Makhi Concepts and all the other stakeholders for this installation and putting in that work to make sure that Hip Hop lives and it’s not only breathing but its REAL. Shout out to Cush Solomon, Geel and Subz on the deks and lastly AV for them desks haha!!! Nkaaaaa!!!!

© Nqontsonqa aka jipsy the Big Dawg