Inganathi Mtshengu We-ntsika (Left) a Sick Kasi Poet slash Poet Emcee from Flagstaff, he is not new in the sphere of Hip Hop. He was part of the crew called Triple H, known for hits like ;Turn Around (prod by Enkay Beats Impondo)& Mama and others. The crew was formed by three rappers Sne Mnyaboi Brooklax Rhwalumbhana and Him as the third member. When the crew started to not function as planned he recorded tracks as a solo artist. He then formed a duo with Crucial, they Recorded hits like ;Celebration also produced and Recorded by the number one producer in Flagstaff NK beats. He moved to Durban, the Duo, Heavy Poets did not work out. Mqandos recorded as a solo artist at Isigqi Entertainment, he recorded a track dedicated to Mshefane featuring MNQ produced by King Junior. He formed another Duo with Mandrax called Intsika, these two were not virgins in working together, they worked in a Track recorded and produced by NK beats called Back with a bang, Which I Remixed the beat but never Released or let anyone hear. I plan to make them re-record the track as Intsika. This Duo proved to be very progressive, connected and working very well together. These two are more than just Crew members they are brothers and business partners. Mqandos is mostly influenced by Dlambulo AKA Dla from Driemanskap. Mqandos has a unique delivery of words (flow) his verses are always rooted to the concept, his word play is amazing.

Mandrax Intsika Johnson Gxabhu (Right) is a bully, with his words. He is always abusing emcees with his verses. He as well, is not new in the sphere of Hip Hop. He was part of the crew called The Predators, him being the giant predator (literally). Making Tempo, My Mother is my hero and others being some of the hits they were responsible of. He recorded hits as a solo artists including Good morning being one of many. This vicious, ruthless, heartless, harsh bloodthirsty, homicidal battle rapper is one of the few hailing from Flagstaff. He is that kind of a rapper you would swear he raps with a knife or gun in his back pack. Do not be scared, he is nice as well flowing uniquely through his verses. His word play takes you to the days when venec Poetry was still venec poetry.

They both worked with different other artists. To mention a few….
Russy LaaMr Take-Ova
Young A
Lubz Earl Eco
King Junior Nkule

Their latest Single knocking on heaven’s received extremely positive response, with airplay kuMdantsane fm 89.5 and getting more than 500 downloads.

Ubuciko Nengqiqo EP Promises to be something fresh, new and Amazing