Kuseng’la Lub mtshana/
Ndsagula,khuz’amabhud’abaskhotheni bandbiza nge bhujwa/
bebhuda bethet’iputra/

khuza ndzobasusa/
kzoqal’ ukshuba/

Ndvusa nge beat yebhuda/
Ndyakhuza yekan’ukusa/

The hip hop instinct in you, made you pause and had to go through that hook again.
LUBZ (Lubabalo Mjungula) Self-explained, Well-articulated, ambitious, dedicated and most of all he revived the hip hop culture in Flagstaff, Eastern Cape SA.
He brought the competitive side of Hip hop in flagstaff. In as much as Hip hop has always been there but, it was not as it is now. Until LUBZ was heard and won hearts of every Hip Hop Head in Flagstaff even across other provinces.

Lubz Earl Eco is one of the most prominent and competent Emcees from Flagstaff, also a CEO of his own street wear ECO (Eastern Cape originals), being not only a Clothing line but it is a movement, with lots of activities involved. I volunteered as an ambassador of the brand, I manage the brand also.

He is a baby of Black OP, not new in the scene. Responsible for hits like Baby girl I am sorry with Billie B AKA  Lwando Mbangatha, Saph’Imic with Reggie and Mandrax Intsika Johnson Gxabhu, Take over and others. This Master of flow slash Graphic Designer (L.U.B. Graphix), hard core hip hop Maniac is amazing with microphones and beats. LUBZ Still_ Was featured on UKHOZI fm Number, Number Chats. Holding on to the number 1 spot for 3 weeks. Mdantsane fm Take over Chats, number 1 for 3 weeks without flagstaff voting. I do not have to spell it out to you, you can see the numbers, “Numbers do not lie”  This is an undisputed champ of words, flows and punchlines. He has worked with lots of other emcees including Mikkie SomaQhuzu Transkai Uta, Noah Scripts and other Giants.